Our company manufactures aluminum, steel and laminate plates. Our products can be used as data plates, business plates, for advertising, description, identification, diplomas and ID cards. Our plates are made using the latest Swiss aluminum overprinting technology. The manufacturing process uses specially treated anodized aluminum, allowing us to achieve very high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The main advantage of this method is the possibility to manufacture plates in full color.

Stainless steel, copper and brass plates are marked with a laser engraver. Our plates are manufactured to meet high precision standards. The technology allows us to mark machine components and various gadgets.

BARTES company also uses the laser table to create engraved laminate plates. The large advantage of this method is that it allows us to cut out different plate shapes. Different types of laminate with various properties are available.

The laser table can also be used to cut out rubber stamps. Finished product leaves a highly accurate and readable stamp. They are compatible with many different kinds of mounts, e.g. units made by Colop, Trodat or Wagraf.